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Full Version: hair & nail salon OR nails only?
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Hi - I'm wondering if you work in a Hair & Nail salon or a Nails only place? I'm still trying to find the right fit :-(
I'm currently in an American Nails only salon 9 miles from home-- upside nails only- American- in 8 weeks working 3 days I'm not seeing a TON of walk in but I'm doing OK- have sat an entire Saturday with no clients twice & a Friday & a Tuesday-commission only and those days stink- most clients pre book- I'm getting some repeats- she doesn't advertise & another experiencd NT says to me she thinks owner needs to- a major retail pharmacy is moving out of strip mall which makes me nervous for foot traffic & the other NT says the strip mall is dead to begin with now -everyone is nice though- when I'm in my town & meet someone new like a cashier & talk about nails my job is too far to drive to for them or anyone I know locally honestly.....
I live in a big town on the 1 main road outside my development there's 9 salons / hair & nails and nails only mix -- nails only mix is Asian.
I guess my other question is do you WORK in an Asian salon? I interviewed @ one in another town & was uncomfortable with her - yet I thought I could learn they're tricks to get faster? The Asian salons are busier generally around my state.... the 2 Hair & Nails places I worked in town weren't busy & had a mixed bag of clients?
I want to go to work- enjoy- have fun- good conversation with my client -do updated products like gels & gel polish & some nail art. Work from home is a no no Here.....booth rent I'm still too new to have clientele to rely on.
Sorry for long post feeling like a lost puppy still :-(

I have always worked in a full service salon. If you can get the stylists as clients, they refer their clients to you. Plus clients that are in for other services see you there and may want to try you.
I love puppies!!! jk Tongue

I also recommend a full service. Don't go with that job with the uncomfortable interviewer, I mean, that should be a red flag right there. Not to sound like a creeper but where in NJ are you? I'm sorry to put this out here but I messaged you and didn't get a response least I don't think so lol. I'm just wondering because I'm in NJ too aaaaannnnddd....we could probably use another NT......just sayin'. We're in Springfield by Short Hills.
I work in a salon that primarily does nails, and no hair. I have found it to be much easier to build and keep clientele in a nails only salon or a spa that doesn't have hair services. Not sure why, but that has just been my experience.
Jupiter583 - I'm sorry I didn't see an email :-(
I am in Toms River though.
Have you checked out Innovative Nails in Red Bank?
No I haven't & Thank You!!