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Full Version: Help With Organizing My Menu
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Hello All,
We are revamping our salon menu and having a price increase. I want to get rid of some services and condense everything a little better. Does anyone have a menu I could look at to get some ideas? Do you list every single thing you do? For example, I want to turn our buff and polish or polish change to one single service, like an express manicure. Some clients want only a polish change, but it's almost impossible to just polish them without any bit of filing or buffing. So to solve the problem, if they want a polish change, they will get the express which is more of a buff, file and polish. And do you charge the same for a gel polish soak off and an acrylic soak off? Does it include a mini manicure and regular polish? Those are just some of the things I'm not sure about. I want to simplify things, because right now I'm making things more difficult with so many different scenarios. Thank you for any advice, Kelly*
I'll email you - but you can see my menu at