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Full Version: CND UV or Cuccio UV/LED
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Who has experience with either of these lamps? If you have used both, which is your preference? (I love the idea of the uv/led option with the Cuccio)
PSA - the Cuccio light is on their website for $69 right now - vs $199 on Industry Source!

I think that warrants buying one to try out!

I think the $69 lamp is the mini lamp

I love the LED/UV lamp from Star/Cuccio.. it's a little large, but coverage on both UV & LED is great. I love the timer buttons on the top.. the fact the bottom slides out for pedi's is a bonus too!

Now factor on the lamp is only $150 -- $250 regularly.. now that's a reason to shop!
Cnd shellac lamp is excellent, I knew these lamps very very well, however an led lamp is more economic as you never need to change bulbs, faster and no irritating noise from the fan.
I believe that that cnd are going to bring out an led lamp next year- finally! The technology of led is far superior.
If you are using Shellac then you must use the cnd lamp as no other light will work consistently and it could cause service breakdowns.
My best advice is - ask the supplier to tell you what lamp/ light they recommend. Each system works as a system, it is not unusual for a nail tech to have a couple of lamps depending on what service they are doing.
IE decide the brand you are going to use mostly and get the lamp/light they KNOW works.
I just bought the LED/UV lamp from Star/Cuccio. I can't wait to get it. It was $150!