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Full Version: Is this weird? About to give up.
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I am really struggling with my nail enhancements. I am currently enrolled in a 2 year full course program at a beauty school. Since enrolling, the school has gotten progressively worse. We have no help due to understaffing. I am not learning anything. Thankfully, I have a hair mentor outside of school, but my main passion is nails.

We do not even have an instructor that is good at nails anymore. They come to me with nail questions. I do my research, watch tutorials, learn the science behind what I am doing, but I need real,one on one help. I am struggling with the consistancy of acrylic. I do not practice enough because we get no acrylic clients. I did a full set on a student last night that I had to hunt down and beg to let me practice. It was awful.

Anyway, I thought about trying to hire a nail tutor. I don't even know if people do that, or if anyone would even want to. I was going to put an add out on Craigslist. Is that strange? I don't know what else to do. I need someone to sit down with me and tell me what I am doing wrong. There are no acrylic courses in my area. I am at the end of the road here. Not to be dramatic, but this is the only thing I ever felt like I could really excel in. I love doing it so much, I know I have a natural talent for it.
Where are you located? Surely there are some classes that you could go to, even if you have to travel a bit. Have you heard of Young Nails' one week acrylic course? Check out their website - I believe that class is something a beginner could take and grow their skills tremendously. It's probably enough to jump you ahead several years skill wise vs. just learning on your own or with little one day classes here and there.
That course looks incredible, but I am in northern Oregon and I have a 2 year old I care for during the day, no way I could make it to Anaheim for a whole week. There is a weekend retreat in WA, but it is full.
I know an educator in Albany, OR. I don't know if that's remotely close to you.
I feel so bad for you and I hate to hear stories like this. You shouldn't have to look for outside help when you are PAYING for a cosmetology school to teach you. Seriously, I would report the school, but I guess I need to calm down a little bit.
Tell your school administrators that you are not receiving the education you paid for. Tell them SPECIFICS based on your state board requirements. Like "I should receive x hours of training and practice in acrylics. So far I've only had X. How do you plan to ensure I get the rest of these hours in the XX months I have left in the program?" It is not your job to hunt down clients to practice on.
What also angers me is that Cosmetology instructors who do not do nails and know very little about nails are teaching manicuring courses, which is usually why students complain about the poor quality of their nail school program. If your state has continuing education requirements, you should be able to find out if your instructors are current in their license requirements (not that it will help, since you probably have a cos instructor who focuses on hair).

Anyway, start with the school administrator. Make an appt to talk to them, not just in passing in the hallways, so they know you are serious. You may not have another choice of school to go to, so you want to be kind yet firm when you demand some improvement.

Good luck to you!
sadly this is the norm more than the exception....I wish I was closer to you.
The retreat just opened up 24 spots. If you registered, they may be contacting you. If not, go and register!
Where are you located? I would be willing to mentor Smile
I had the same problem when I attended school, I taught my class the basics so they would be able to pass that section of their boards. I went to one of the salon, and ask if they would help me and answer a few questions about problems I was having. Also and have a lot of educational videos that can really help out too.
anybody want mentor me in alabama I willing to travel