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Full Version: For NAILPRO Magazine: Holiday gifts
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Hi all~

I need a *bunch* of sources for an article I'm working on for the December issue of NAILPRO. It's all about holiday gifts.

I would like to know about the craziest, most jaw-dropping gifts you’ve ever received from clients during the holidays. This can include everything from strange (a whole, feathered chicken?) to high-end (an all-expense paid weekend away). If you've ever received anything unusual/weird/cool/extra-special, can you please email me at [email protected] and tell me about it? I will also need your name, title, salon name, and salon location so I can credit you properly in the article.

I will be selecting a few of you for follow-up questions; if you're interested in being interviewed in more depth for my article please let me know that, too!

Thanks so much!