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Full Version: Angry!
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Just have to vent! We have had a rash of thefts lately! My Kupa e-file was stolen and my friend's OPI LED light! I am so pissed! Besides clearing my station of everything every night, any suggestions? Angry
did you check out the section on this board called Swap and SHop? ALso try Craigslist. You may be able to pick them up for a reasonable price.
Thefts of what kind? Other staff, customers...? What does the owner/manager say about this?
(08-16-2013, 04:17 PM)CandiceAE Wrote: [ -> ]Thefts of what kind? Other staff, customers...? What does the owner/manager say about this?

Actually, I was able to get one from someone on this board -- thanks! As for the "who dunnit", we don't know. It's not one of us. We are a pretty tight group and watch out for each other. The building is not very secure and it is either someone coming in for other services (there are suites in there), or someone scouting out the place. We have a meeting with management because I am feeling a little uncomfortable when I am there at night.
I'm all for trusting my co-workers, but you should ask yourself: what changed lately? you said this thievery just started. did someone recently start or leave? anyone thinking abou moving to a new salon? who is coming through the building, new cleaning company? any new clients that are kinda nosey or ask a lot of questions?
you could do all of this snooping and never find the culprit. other than locking EVERYTHING away, I'd seriously consider scouting for a new place to work. that should get the attention of the folks will be hurt by your leaving...and hopefully cause them to take serious action to stop the theft.
I wasn't the only tech hit. there were 3 of us -- my e-file, an LED light and a digital frame. Interesting when we had our meeting, one of the girls said a client was talking about a friend getting out of nail school and was asking questions about how much lights and e-files were, etc. I got a message on Monday morning for a guy asking if I was open Monday and wanting an appointment. The building was open, but I was not there. I called him back on Tuesday and he never returned my call. Everyone's stuff was discovered missing on Tuesday. Coincidence? I don't know -now my pretty cabinet has this obnoxious lock on it.
Yikes, I would report that to the police!