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Full Version: What primer do you use?
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Just curious as to what primer do people use. I currently use YN Protein Bond.
I am still old school. A firm believer of acid primer for acrylics. Never have had luck with acid free primers, or atleast CND's. I do use YN protein primer for gels and sometimes on Shellac clients.
I use acid primer too. NSI superbond
No lift nails acid primer for my acrylics and yn protein bond for my gels
Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to go back to acid primers. I'm not happy with the protein bond when doing fills.
I use Tammy Taylor primer. I know it's an acid primer but I use it according to her directions - very sparingly and double prime, lay acrylic while damp. I rarely have lifting anymore. Although I love the colors of the pinks, I don't use TT acrylic because of the chemical make up in the liquid. I use Young Nails Speed acrylic because the speed part of the acrylic is in the powder and not the liquid and I'm allergic to HEMA which is in fast set liquids (like Tammy Taylor).

I appreciate the bonders that the industry has come out with but I think they work only on SOME clients but not all. When I was using a bonder, I was spending too much time on fills and I had much client dissatisfaction with all the lifting. Since I've gone to the TT primer, that's all changed. Since I have little to no lifting with anyone,I can do fills in about 45 minutes and still I have time for nail art, chatting a bit, washing my hands and cleaning my station before the next client. I book on the hour and, now, no one has to wait while I try and clean up lifting and replacing lost nails.

I'm sold!
I think I'm going to try TT primer. I have used her liquid and powders before and didn't have much luck. I love Young Nails but don't care for their primer. Thanks so much for the info.
You make the TT primer sound good Smile I might have to try it, even though I've never used any of her products. Do you have to buy directly from Tammy Taylor?
I buy directly from the website.

It IS an acid primer so I use it very sparingly and follow her directions. You can watch any of her acrylic tutorials and see how she uses it. TT's been selling and using that primer for a zillion years. Before I was a nail tech, my tech would use it and I never suffered from any adverse reactions and I rarely lifted. She did my nails for years. I remember how she used it and it's exactly how I use it now.

I think, no matter what acid type primer you use, use it as sparingly as you can to make it work for you and avoid soft tissue and it'll be okay.
TT is my acrylic line and I always used her primer as directed but didn't like the cost . so i went looking for a primer with all the same ingredients as hers and i found no lift nails. it has the exact same ingredients no more no less. and it's half the cost. I still use it as directed.
I use E Link, formerly known as Linkage. I think it's one of the best on the market. A bit finicky but worth it to me for the peace of mind.
I use acid primer for acrylics. My product line is TT, so I follow her steps for application (prime once, let dry, prime each finger again as you apply acrylic so primer is wet when acrylic is applied). I've been using this line since school. Most other product lines I've watched demos that do not call for the second prime, but I haven't used these lines..
Here's a good article on Primers: acid vs acid free, double priming ect.
Here's a good article on Primers: acid vs acid free, double priming ect.

I had to type the website that way. It was telling me I was posting spam.
Thanks- that was great info !!