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Full Version: Do you do this?
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Read this on the web:

" The gel topcoat that we use to seal the nails with doesn't really like to stick to paint. The paint has to be completely dry, and it helps if it has a coat of a protein-style bonder over it to make it sticky for the gel top coat to adhere to."


Do you use a protein bonder/primer over acrylic paint before gel topcoat? If you do does it make a difference? I haven't heard of this before, and I occasionally have problems with nail art chipping under gel topcoat. Usually if I did not let it dry enough. Do you put it over the whole nail or just try to keep it on the art. I wonder if this would make gel topcoats adhere to finished acrylics or gel better since the goal is to make the surface sticky.
I've never tried this. I just make sure the paint isn't thick and is dried completely. also I use Glaze N' Go by NSI and I don't have this problem.
I've never heard of this either, but what might be the problem is gel needs to stick to gel. If the paint goes all the way over the edge leaving no tiny margin of gel for the top sealer gel to stick to, it might be causing the chipping.
Isn't Maggie awesome!?!!! What a great idea! I will be putting a bonder on the next time I use paint!!
Definitely! The same if you're doing foil or other confetti's that cover more of the surface area - the top coat lasts much better than without the PB over the art.