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Full Version: Best tips for Acrylic Removal
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Hi everyone
I have a new client coming in tomorrow (short notice booking) She is currently in acrylic and not happy with her current tech. She has just asked me to soak off the acrylic she has on now and wants to know about the services I offer (gel). Since I don't do acrylic at all please could you share your best tips for me???
I'm sure this is a bit late for you but I will thin the acrylic as much as possible with my drill, then place the client's hand into a Quick Soak bowl with heated acetone in it to help melt the rest of the acrylic off. I only fill one end of the Q.S. bowl, it's all you'll need. While the first hand is soaking, I start thinning the other hand. Once that's done, I'll have the client remove her hand onto a paper towel, move the bowl to the other side of the table and let her soak that one. I use my drill with a carbide bit on a low setting to easily remove the melted acrylic. I may have to repeat one more time for both hands, but this process usually takes about 15-20 min.
Thank you for your reply. Her acrylic was very very thick. I don't use a e-file at all and since I wrap all my gel not soak fingers in the bowl, I had to wrap each one. Took a while but good result. Thanks again