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Full Version: Mobile Waxing
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I've seen some businesses doing mobile wax. How does that work? Do they arrive 20 mins early to plug pots in etc.

I am still studying beauty therapy at college and have almost finished my course i recently bought a portable beauty couch and as soon as i pass my driving test i want to do some beauty mobile, but am just wondering what wax you use if you are going to someones house, without having to take your wax pot round and plugging it in for 1/2 hour haha! any answers to solve this problem will be much appreciated thanks!!
They have portable wax pots. You can purchase an adapter for your car - plugs into your cigarette outlet and you can plug in your wax pot to keep wax warm.

However, when doing mobile wax services (or any mobile service) I always arrive one hour early to set up. This allows your wax to warm up if it needs to. I use hard wax, which should never be melted completely. So I don't usually have any issues with the wax not being completely melted.

Bowie, MD