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Full Version: New shellac
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When are new colors coming out? Any ideas what colors they are?
You can look and preorder at Premier Nailsource.
I believe it is September 1.
Do you mean the forbidden collection, or the next collection - the 4 nudes?
The fall collection is out already. I saw several people on fb had them last week.
I'm am not that impressed with Shellac. I have added Young Nails and Just Gels (IBD) to my collection. Like those much better.
Lovin Shellac and now the matching colors in Vinylux was a great idea. Great for pedis cause it won't take as long to dry. It will probably take a while for the new colors to get here. It usually does. Sad
The new colors are so pretty but with the 95+ degree temp its not a real popular line yet. As much as I dont want to like Shellac because their price and size, they still work better than any other brand Ive used.