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Full Version: Pay Question from a Newbie Nail Tech! Is this good?
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Hello all!

I am a newbie Nail Tech, and finally landed my 1st Nail Technician job. During the interview I tried some of their tools, and their equipment and you could tell it was quality. They use essie and CND for they stuff.

The area is very populated, and they have had a lot of traffic. They want to train me for two weeks, and seem understanding that this is my first job out of Cosmo school

They offered me 50/50 commission, they provide implements, tools, and supplies.

(If I'm understanding this correctly, if I do a service they get 50%, so if I don't get any services then I don't get paid - right?)

I am wondering if you guys think this is a good set-up. I would be in probation for 3 months, to see if I hone up my skills and feel comfortable, and will then be made full time (I'd be part time at first).

I am of course extremely nervous, and wondering what you guys think?

They seem like a good nail salon, with straight 4 and 5 star reviews on yelp.

Thank you all!
My question would be how much guidance are they providing? Is there another tech you can shadow, mentor with while you build and hone?

Personally with no clientele that's going to be a sparse check for a while.. I might see about negotiating a sliding scale base + commission for the 3 months
I take it (since they can let you go during probation) that you will be an employee? And they will be taking care of the taxes, and paying the employer portion of taxes? Depending on the state you work in, they may have to pay you minimum wage for all hours worked if your commission isn't enough to put you over minimum wage.

If the assumption that you will be an employee is true, then 50% is likely a good deal - but you really didn't give enough information for us to determine that for sure. You need to look at the menu prices and service times and calculate 50%, then look at what your hourly rate would be. That said, if they are doing everything they're supposed to with taxes, paying more than 50% to techs would likely put them out of business due to lack of profit for the salon.

If you are NOT going to be an employee then you will have a lot more variables to look at to determine if it's a good deal.
If they are putting you in training for 2 weeks, see what you will be paid during that time. Otherwise, this sounds like a good deal - because, honestly, if they were not a reputable, and most likely busy, spa, they would not put you in training then probation. My guess is they are probably fairly busy if they are going through this effort and you will get clients by assignment without having to "build your clientele". Not to say you won't build a client list over the months, but I am sure they can keep you busy with random assignments until then.
Hi all

Apparently I'm not getting paid for training.

The state I am in is FL and they say they are paying the taxes, they would pay my services in check and tips on cash daily.

Sometimes they get so many people that they have a line outside, sometimes it's few people.

They let me try a manicure today, I upselled the customer into getting a gelish mani, and the owner took it, I got paid for the regular mani...

the prices are 15 for mani 25 for pedi, and 13 dollars more if it is shellac/gel to give you an idea...

Any suggestions would be great!!
Yes, we are next to two large universities and we get traffic from there, they say that in time I'll build my clientele as soon as school starts again
So you'll be receiving a W-2 at year's end?

Training should be paid . . .
I don't know the minimum wage laws in FL - so what they're offering may be perfectly legal. Their prices seem low to me (28 for a gel mani & 38 for a gel pedi?), but depending on how long they take to do and how booked you are, you could make a reasonable living - especially with tips added. If they are truly paying their share of SS/Med taxes and you don't have to pay extra for product costs, etc. then that seems like a good deal to me.

As for the unpaid training - if FL doesn't require that they guarantee minimum wage then there's nothing to be done there. Even if they do require it and the salon is non-compliant, then there's really not much you can do about it except not take the job. You could report them, of course, but I don't see how that would improve your job offer.

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and you have to decide if the job would pay you well enough that you are willing to train for free since that's what they're offering. Really, if you think about it - if someone offered you free advanced training for two weeks but no job, would you take it? As a newbie tech, I would and did train without pay, as have most in this industry - so maybe look at the skills training as a perk even though it's unpaid? Just a thought.

I get paid 50/50 over what I do, and honestly I am having lots of fun during training because I am being taught a lot. Like being paid for learning!

I did around 3 pedis and a polish change today

A full set is 27 here to give you more perspective. After that afternoon rush is pretty dead
27 for a full set? Ouch! Good luck to you in your new job, have fun and learn as much as you can and the money will follow. Wink
Yeah Sad we live in a college town with one of the flagship universities and another 3 college. So prices are pretty low, I've even seen full sets for 20 fills for 13.

full pedis take 30 min at most ideally 25 min, and manis 20 min at most. I am taking about 50 min on the pedis and that can really hurt me, but I've learned other techniques

Thank you all