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Full Version: Ever thought about "cheating" on your product line?
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Hey BT friends! Been a while since I've checked out BT forums.

I'm an acrylic gal. Tried gel, can't get the hang of it, left it alone.
I'm a bit bored with my acrylic relationship. We get along great. We have a long trusting relationship. We met when I was in school, you could say we were "cos" school sweethearts. She's consistent, works hard and I can't complain. My friends and clients love her. I can glitter her up, she loves diamonds (rhinestones) and I give her 3D flowers all the time. But I'm bored! I think I want to cheat! You know, see what else is out there, fool around a bit. I might find a cheap thrill out there in the land of discount acrylic. My acrylic gal is old school. There's so many new hip/hop lines out there, young and fresh and new!
Anyone else ever cheated on your product line, just for the heck of it? Did you find a cheaper, prettier replacement? Did it ruin your product marriage or did you come back home and stay faithful?
I cheat as much as I can and never look back! There are some products that I have tried to cheat on but have ended up back.
(08-06-2013, 08:09 PM)sillysoup Wrote: [ -> ]I cheat as much as I can and never look back! There are some products that I have tried to cheat on but have ended up back.

Yes, I've cheated on other products too. I cheated on Seche Vite, and we finally decided to have an open relationship (lol). I can't be monogamous with pedicure stuff. But something about acrylic...I haven't cheated, but I'm so tempted! Mainly because I'm barely doing nails part time now and the cost of my product line isn't as economical. I could go to a less expensive but still good quality line.
Sadly,yes, I am an acrylic cheater...used CND forever, tried OPI, hated it, loved Young Nails, and now have tried acrylic from Deenterprises, which I heard about on here, and I love it ! Thier pedicure line is great ,also, and I have replaced all of my other pedicure product with theirs,except my CND lotion,and CND cuticle eraser. Protein bond from Young Nails is one of my favorite staples I dont see giving up anytime soon,along with ,CND Stickey base coat, and Out The Door topcoat,and my Gelish Foundation, and Top It Off...
I only cheat if I'm not getting what I need at But seriously, I usually stick to one line until it disappoints me.
I tend to stay with one line until it has problems I can't figure out. I don't have a lot of room in my salon to store misc. things so I tend to wait until I hear lots of good things about something then order it. As for acrylic and gel, my motto is: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Once I do try something and I see it works, I'm on it like a duck on a june bug!
I don't get the idea of "cheating"
the primary goal is a product that meets our needs and is not priced over products of the same result and quality

Manufactures think nothing of "cheating" on us when they change products without informing us of the changes in quality or color, leaving us with bottles of color that are not the same color as the previous release, gallons of lotion that are more oily than their previous product, or the "New and Improved" product that does not perform as well as the earlier product....
I've grown less gullible and less enthusiastic about spending money to try new if what I am using is working well... but, when I hear about great results from a reliable experienced source, or a product changes and I am not getting the old results anymore, I am interested in improving...
my loyalty is to my clients I guess, not the the manufactures

I've noticed it makes me less susceptible to products that promote a product by "atmosphere" or personality than for its results... in fact that kind of advertising makes me suspicious ;-)