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Full Version: Bargain on an OPI led lamp
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I found an LED OPI lamp on a local cosmo classifieds and I talked her down to $75. These are $350 lamps if I remember. She said its only been used a handful of times. I know nothing about LED lights, so my question is can I replace the bulbs, or should they be fine since they are LED not UV?
Wow! That's an amazing deal. I thought I got a deal getting mine from a former student at $120. The OPI GelColor lamp is a spectacular lamp; you will love it. Like most LED lamps, the bulbs cannot be changed. When they no longer work, you must discard the lamp - usually after 50,000+ hours! That's another of the benefits of an LED lamp - the bulbs work as well in their last hour as in their first.
I'd test it before I bought it. Mine quit working and I had to send it back for replacement.