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Full Version: Gel info/care fact sheet?
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Am I losing my mind, some of you were talking about a little fact sheet you hand out to clients with soak off gel info/care instructions..

I cant for the life of me figure out where this info went, was there a link to it???
The web site is: Manicures that Go to all articles it's located on the left side of the site. I think it is the second page down on the bottom. It will say Gel Polish Home Care. Just copy it and then make copies for your clients.
Here you go..

Gel Polish Home Care Handout Topic: Consumer Advertisements
Need to educate your clients on the care of their new Gel Polish Application? Try this article
I think this is a great idea!
Thanks, it has been helping tremendously so they know what to expect from the service. No more calls in 3-8 days - I have a chip and you promised me...
I'm still in school and I do the cosmos nails all the time. They come back in the next day with chips. It's just regular polish, no gel or acrylics. But I still ask what they did that night. The answer is always dishes without gloves. I will have to give them the first part of this sheet. LOL
The reason they have chips overnight is not just the dishes with no gloves last night!

I have to assume (I know I should not but...) if you are in school you are doing water/soak manicures.

The water gets absorbed into the nail plate while soaking, reducing the natural curve of the nail - in essence flattening it out to some level. You have applied polish to this flattened shape. As the water evaporates from the nail plates over the next few hours, the nails return to their natural shape. We have just weakened the hold of the polish to the nails. Now her nail plates are dry, oh and let us think about how many times she washed her hands after doing a service the rest of the day, flat, C, flat C, flat C... One more time in the dish water, now scrubbing the pots, it is just too much for the polish to bear - flat, C, ping, chip, peel..

There is an article here on BT on this topic, ah, I found it!

To Soak not not to Soak..

Maybe you can show this to your instructor?
I will have to try a dry manicure. We have a cosmo for an instructor and she doesn't know anything about nails. So we are teaching ourselves. I get on here and read, read, read. I also surf the net.

Thank you for the link!