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Full Version: Name that product
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Hello Friends,
Can you help me identify what a product might be? I had a client with a red on her toes that was rather hard to get off. I ended up having to wrap in cotton and acetone, but only for about 5 mins, then rub with a little pressure. Once off I couldn't get the base off but it turned out I just had to buff it off lightly. The client said the salon calls it a 2 week manicure, but it wasn't done with a UV. She didn't remember the name of the product ( "I think its OPI"..).
So I called the salon saying I was referred for their 2 week manicure but wanted more info. They didn't give me a good description. The person said " It's a gel color that is not damaging to the natural nail really."
Any chance you know what it is? I thought maybe Vinylux but that doesn't have a base.
Maybe a product like Backscratchers Glaze was used as a base.
Could they have used OPI Axxium base and OPI GelColor on top?
Thank you ladies. I was so tempted to go get the manicure just to see! LOL I don't think its gelcolor because she said there was no UV used. Then again I couldn't trust that she knew if they used one or not...