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Full Version: Psoriasis on the Nails
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I have a client who has broke out with Psoriasis on her hands and has now spread to some of her nails. She has been to many dermatologists, (one saying is was caused from her artificial nails)
anyway, we have taken the nails off and it has been 3 months, they are still bad, she wants them back on, so badly, I say no, everything I read says to NOT to add more trauma to the nail plate.
Have any of you ever dealt with this before this is my first.

Thanks in advance!
I have psoriasis and have had a history of frequently having this under my nails. Had areas where half the nail was unattached. It made me think a bit before trying gel nails. I only had a couple of small areas when I first tried gels. 10+ years with gels and I haven't had any new or recurring problems since then. Seem to protect the nail from trauma. Love it.
Awwwww hun, I know how hard it is to say "no" to someone, but ya are doing the right thing. Tell her you are looking out for her wellbeing and safety. I hope she sees that you have only her best interest at heart. Keep up that good work!! Wink
I have a couple clients with psoriasis.... one had acrylics and now I use gel, the other has wraps. Product application does not seem to be a factor in the behavior of their psoriasis on the nails....
we started on an experimental basis.... an occasional nail will lift and then heal, after some time we began doing all... having product on did not seem to make any difference. these are women I know, we have the same idea about the products and the skin situation. Sadly, both had bad experiences with people who had filed heavily and damaged cuticles, or refused to touch them.
I wish there was a cure for them.