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Full Version: Nail stamping
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What does everyone recommend for nail stamping? Love the look of it but want something professional, not from the kiosk at the mall.
Wondering similar. Mash, Bundle Monster, Konad... Are all comparable?
What's a pro source for buying individual elements. Not into Ebay or kits.
There isn't a pro source. Bundle Monster, Konad, Pueen, Cheeky are just a few on amazon and other sites.
Thank you. Do you find them all comparable as well as compatible?
They are all pretty much comparable. It's not a professional-only product so you'll see it everywhere - kiosks, ebay, amazon. Bundlemonster is a good place to start. What makes it work is the polish. Konad polishes are good, but so are many others. Some people swear by China Glaze. I myself have had great luck with CND Vinylux polish. There are groups on Facebook that discuss nothing but stamping (mostly DIY who do amazing work with stamps and polish) and they are a great source of information on new image plates, stampers, techniques etc.
Thank you very much
I'll check out your link as well as search FB
Love inspiration and examples