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Full Version: gel polish question
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New Job- 2 complaints that a few Gel polishes popped off! The owner says I'm not capping FE or SW? I am???? They use Gelish primarily & some OPI gel polish- I've been using Gelish since February- I went through a lot of trial & error but seemed to get it down! I'm in a new place now.... ugh she's ok & giving me another chance with these people? Could it be nerves? I really do cap the edges- so frustrated!!!!
Make sure your prepping the natural nail right. I went through the same thing, you'll get it.
Try using a protein primer on just the free edge, maybe an 1/8th" or so.
For both brands make sure the base is super thin. I scrub the base into the nail with the brush. For OPI Gelcolor, when the client comes out of the light, her nails should be matte. And with this brand, shake, shake and shake some more.
Thanks- they don't have PB-but I'll bring mine!! I used to wipe the base coat but the girls looked @ my funny when I did....ugh! I had a client back in today & she slammed her nail in the door- I fixed & checked her other Nails-- ALL CAPPED off but I can see some wear on them!
Is it wearing at the free edge, or the cuticle area? If it's the free edge, I would definitely dry wipe the base coat (and don't forget to actually wipe the edge too, to avoid pull-back) funny looks or not Big Grin

I know you said you're sealing the edges. So, all I can add, is it helps if you apply each coat of gel polish to the free edge before you apply to the top of the nail. This makes it easier to cover the area, and pulls out any excess product from the free edge area, so you don't get a fat bump on the end.
I'm confused as to why capping the f/e would make any difference. I don't and have never capped the f/e, as I finish file after the final cure, and I don't have problems with peeling.

If the nails are peeling off I would definitely use the PB, and make sure layers are super thin as previously mentioned. The other thing is to make sure that the nail is really dehydrated - even cleansing twice to make sure that the oils are all removed from the nail plate. Good luck!
@CandiceAE I agree, if the application is good, it shouldn't matter, or cause peeling. But the OP is having trouble with that, and it definitely helps prevent it. Also the nail looks nice with color on the end and it helps me get good color coverage.

But really, to help, we need to know how they're 'popping off'...
Thanks for the suggestions!!! I had 1 client in today who slammed her finger in a door (ummmm not my problem) & the finger next to it cracked across- probably a causality!! Her thumb had a chip which I fixed. This clients FE was capped & I told owner that & the other fingers looked OK!
The other client that complained i was given 30 minutes to do a reglaze on her gel polish that had lifted & chipped - she even says she's hard on her Nails.... when we looked she needed 5 fixed- not worth reglaze & needed all of them done- which with removal & repair (hard gel to fix broken nails?) i needed an hour was rushed- the owner actually had to top coat her cause my next client was waiting too long-the owner said they needed to be capped off- that one might have been poor on my part because it was a mess, I was rushing, etc..... I'm only out of school since April & still need a little extra time but I've gotten the gel polish down pretty good since February! I went through all the troubleshooting & have been really successful since then- thanks to friends & family letting me practice & perfect on them!