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Full Version: Pedi chair cleaning and UV sanitizer
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(This is kind of long, sorry!) I got my first job as an "on call" nail tech at the start of the month. So far, I've only gotten to work about 5 times for a few hours. :/ I don't know if the job will last after 60 days, and I feel very on-edge/scared to talk to her about these things because I’m afraid she won’t keep me. Even though I have a lot to learn about salons, I know the way the pedi chairs are cleaned isn’t good enough, even though my boss tries hard to do a good job.

I think the pedi chair might be pipeless, because it has a small fan inside. Cleaning routine after a pedi: Spray a disinfectant into empty basin, rub clean with towel (no scrub brush). Wipe seat with mini wipe version of same disinfectant. Remove plastic shield that blocks fan, wipe it and inside the hole around the fan. Scrub hard to remove soap ring around basin.

Problem: I have always read that you must cycle cleaning solution through the tub in addition to scrubbing it. I haven’t seen her do that, I doubt she does after I leave. The tub looks clean except for the plastic shield that blocks the fan. Inside the parts I can’t get my fingers into is a layer of brown build-up. It worries me, because it's a breeding ground for bacteria. Should I bring some kind of brush to fit in the holes? (If so, how do I clean the brush?) What about cycling water + disinfectant? Do I not need to do that because it’s pipeless?

Lastly, my boss uses a UV sanitizer. I learned that they don’t work, because it’s uneven. It would be better to use an autoclave or at least a disinfectant! She scrubs the tools clean with soap and water, then dries them and puts them in the UV sanitizer. Even if UV sanitizers worked well, she piles TONS of tools on top of each other, there must be 20 implements in there at a time. While working, we just take a “clean” tool out of a plastic box, never putting them in any disinfectant ever. What should I do/say? I feel bad using those tools on clients. In beauty school, our tools were submerged 10 minutes before the client came, then stayed in the disinfectant the whole time until we needed them. When we'd take them out, we sprayed them with alcohol.

Bonus: I gave her my license copy, but I don’t see it hanging up anywhere... Can’t I get in trouble for that?