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Do you have any recommendations for a good trainer that does not have to be clipped to the table? Also any tips on polishing better? I am still trying to get down to a perfect polish. Thank You.
I would recommend practicing on a real person - that's the best to help you perfect polishing on real life clients. Start from the center and then apply polish towards the cuticle area. I find that if you work from your least dominant side, to the opposite side and then down the center, that allows more control so you don't get polish all over the skin. Like how Tammy Taylor instructs you to apply acrylic - side, side, center...I hope this makes sense.

Are you attending the Long Island Networking Event?

Bowie, MD
Thanks Chrissy. It's so hard for me to find people all of the time with my schedule. I thought for time purposes it'd be good to work on a trainer. I dont' know why, I feel like my polishing has gotten worse.
I won't be attending because of the timing, I'm already taking off for vac in August, then Fashion week is 3 weeks later. I would have loved to go though.
Fashion week is definitely good practice! A good brush is key to perfect polish. Make sure you wipe off one side of the brush very well on the neck of the bottle.

Sometimes I'll take full cover nail tips, one of the huge.sizes I never use, and use a Sharpie to draw a nail. Then I'll take a streaky polish like Fiji or Wicked and practice polishing like that.
What's fashion week?
Fashion week happens twice a year in NYC, in Feb and Sept. It's is mainly sponsored by Mercedes Benz and the world's best designers showcase their SS (Spring/Summer) and AW (Autumn/Winter) collections. The designers hire specific brands/people for hair, makeup, and nails and those brands/people have their own team. I definitely think it's worth checking out if you haven't done so before.
I would also like to add that it is worldwide. But NYC and Milan are the top. There are also a number of events that happen up to and during that week so you can look for some gigs to get some extra cash!
Is there a website to get notifications? Thanks!
(08-01-2013, 03:53 PM)[email protected] Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a website to get notifications? Thanks!

I would keep an eye on craigslist, in the NYC Gigs section. If you'd like, you can send me your phone number and I will text you if I hear anything. I work for some of them. Youtube some backstage vids. ("fashion week backstage 2012")
Yeah I would suggest you the same that go for the live clients that would really be great for you and even would learn much better.