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Full Version: looking for glitter gels
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I want to add a few glitter gels to my collection ...I know a lot of you use loose glitter - I'd really like something that is just ready to apply - I have a sample from LE and I do like it but at $20 for about 1/2 oz just seems very pricy ...I'd like 4 or 5 colors but really don't want spend $100 on glitter - any other suggestion? Thanks so much!
I mix my own. I buy a plastic artists palette from Michaels with the little wells in it. Then I use my clear build gel and add glitter. When the tray gets too messy I just transfer any usable mixes to a new palette. The one I have has 12 wells plus 4 or 5 areas for doing quick custom mixes on the spot.

A few benefits- you only mix a little of each color at a time, and if someone wants one color mix with a little more of red or blue or whatever you can quickly alter the color by adding more glitter. When the well of one color gets low just add a bit more build gel and build a new color. Another nice thing is that of you get a new palette twice a year it's like bringing in a new color "collection". The best benefit is that you can create absolutely any color you want. You can even use pigment powders or colored acrylic in your blends, or Young Nails Liquid Art drops- or any other pigment drops that are made for gel.

You can buy a palette with a tray cover, but I've never found it to be necessary. I just put it in a drawer when not in use and I've never had problems with the gels losing their effectiveness.
I forgot to say - young nails sells little white pots, so if you prefer you can mix up a color in those for easier storage. I do a lot of gel nails so its easier for me to not have to open all te little pots, and I love that my color collection is constantly changing.
Great idea!!! I love it! Thank you!
Thanks Candice ...maybe that's the best solution after all!
Naillite has "test tubes" for their glitter gels.
(07-29-2013, 10:29 AM)jimsjadab Wrote: [ -> ]Naillite has "test tubes" for their glitter gels.

arg! I didn't see those ...I just placed an order (already shipped)