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Full Version: Gelish 6g, and Toes
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Hi everyone...I keep having this issue with one or two toes everytime I do gel polish on a pedicure. I do all coats and cure ,but when I wipe the final cure, sometimes the whole coating comes right off. I know this is probably because the lights are not hitting the toes in question, but other than literally holding the toe down while in the light ,which is a huge pain ,how can I be sure they will cure properly ? This does not happen all the time, but lately it is enough where it is a problem...any tips, or advice ?
Hmmmm, I use toe separators, which spread the toes out, and I haven't had problems with curing at all.
Yes, CandaceAE , I use those too. I don't use the thing it sits on though, because some feet will not fit in there if I use that...only having this problem lately...frustrating....
What thing it sits on? Confused... I just have them put their foot in the light.
It is the white pedestal thing with the silver plate that goes on it, the lamp sits on it, or you can lift it off. I have two 6g lamps, and they both have them...