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Full Version: Gee, never new an unlicensed Nail Tech was ok
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Was looking through craigslist, always looking at the job section. Came across one that mentioned that they are looking fr a manicurist and license is not necessary.
I want to report them but i am afraid to give board of cosmo my name since it is in the state i live in.
We work our butts off to hold onto whatever business we have coming in and here this salon will take anyone willing to work.
They even have 2 phone numbers to call. One if you speak English and another to speak with someone that speaks Vietnamese.
I am burning up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here is link
Here in my area we have had posts for mobile salons that are illegal in Tennessee. The State Board was tipped off and began monitoring craigslist and wrote several violations. SBs never know unless they are told. If nothing else check with your local inspector.
Don't be afraid to use your name; you haven't done anything wrong : )

Unless you're reporting a specific case of consumer harm ("I went to Acme Salon and my finger got infected, and yada, yada, yada"), your name wouldn't be important or revealed to the subject of the complaint.

Besides, you're a consumer and taxpayer and deserve protection like everyone else in your state. Your professional licensing fees support the state board in its efforts to enforce the laws. Even so, your state board (and everyone else's) doesn't have the resources to track illegal activity entirely on its own, so you would be doing a service by reporting.
The ad has been deleted.
I see them regularly. Annoying.
A Vietnamese classmate of mine when I was in school said that one of her friends worked at a place that would employ college students and teach them to do manicures. This was supposedly an upscale place.
I'm sure both "upscale" and cheezy $7 manicure spots have unlicensed workers and unsanitary conditions. I don't even think about it anymore. With all the people I talk to that could care less as long as they are getting their $10 pedicures or the " It's really clean there" comments. It's just part of the life.
You are saying what i think! As long as it is a penny less and you can walk in any time that's fine with the clients. It doesn't occur to them that polish should last at least a month for pedicures.
The thought never crosses their minds if the manicurist is licensed or not. They don't care!
But, once they get a fungus or some kind of infection they may care and go back again eventually just to another same type of place.
There's sooooooo many of these places clients think this is the NORM! They can't find or be bothered to find the clean, safe, salon. "They" out number us here in NJ- I can't tell you how many nail salons are in my town alone- but on the street out if my development there's 7 Asian nail salons, and 7 hair (some do nails too-American) salons-- this in one ROAD & Not a HIGHWAY!!!!!
The problem is clients think this is the norm or their only option! I live in South Central NJ- in a large town- I can tell you on the road outside of my development there's 7-8 Asian Nail salons & 7 American hair salons & some of those do nails too-we're out numbered!! These clients are bumbarded with Asian salons! I'm starting to see here they are starting to hire "US" -- I think they are starting to see a change & want American speaking manicurist- I've interviewed with 2 places to check them out & fortunately FOUND an American owned & operated nails only & she has been DESPERATELY looking other manicurists (with a following now) for months!
I had an MT at my job ask me about the number of human traffic'd nail techs. I told her about it and how it works. She asked me if I thought people would stop visiting these salons if they knew the workers were traffic'd or modern day slaves. I told her I don't believe so because they would still want cheap services.
Here they're all related- a few years back the "tech" was so busy her 14 year old daughter did my gel sealer so she could move onto next client! If the state is ever in the area - they do a phone chain to be able to make sure only the "true" licensed techs are there or they close up shop! I even heard once the state was going down the highway inspecting & one salon closed & walked away---and supposedly a brother' bought it & they had a grand opening- lol- I've heard some crazy crazy stories around here!
I belive all these storys bc I work for one and they do treat you like a slave. I been their 6 mths and they wanted to start me off at 5 hr and i was like no I am driving 1hr and 30 mins, then they do not clean at all I mean you can dust of your own workstation nope, they do not do any of that ,they do not take the polish off, they call one of the 2 americans that work there to do, and I know they mad at me bc I did my own nails and said I did not know you knew how to do nails, hell I went to school what else didi go for, oh we hired you to do pedicures bc we do not like to touch feet, I am now looking for a new job bc working over 40 hrs and not getting overtime is not in my work week any more