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Full Version: tiffany blue and coral gel polish like in Pinterest
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I have been searching for a tiffany blue and a coral color in gel polish like the colors used on the nails on Pinterest. Can anyone help me?
I have on Gelish Seafoam right now and held it up to a Tiffany box under a bright bulb to compare, and it's pretty close. It's definitely more gray, and doesn't have the bright pop, but I bet a white base it would give it the glow it needs.

PS - In my dark office, they look almost spot-on.
Thank you! I will check it out Smile
EZ Flow has a color called Tiffany, I think it is Tru Gel, or something like that, I saw it on Amazon while looking for something else.
I just purchased a Light Elegane gel color called Tiffany Box
Finger paints makes a gel polish called sky blue or something like that, and it's a pretty perfect match to "for Audrey" by China glaze.