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Full Version: essiegel
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So I just got a flyer from our distributor (that recently became a salon centric, btw) for their annual expo and while I normally never want to take any classes (because let's face it they're whack, lol) I found that there is one on Essie's gel polish - essiegel. Now, I never cared for Essie but I have to admit I'm slightly curious. Tbh, I feel like Loreal brought Essie into the 21st century lol. I feel that the regular polish formula improved for sure. Anyway, any of you folks hear any chatter? I tried googling but came up empty.
When I looked this up I found two articles that said it will be released in October and is an led gel. There is nothing on the Essie website yet but that site is never up to date. I asked the girls at my local Saloncentric and they knew nothing about it.
I feel like I've been hearing about this "ghost" for over a year.
Just seen it in Industry Source Magazine. 36 colors .42 oz bottles for $17.50. The base coat claims to have "keratin -care technology" vitamin E and B5. The colors have their own names but they list what Essie polish they are comparable to. They are also coming out with a led light.