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Full Version: still frustrated with foil
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So I have watched a couple you tube videos on foil application on shellac. It does not work for me. Surely there is someone on here that uses foil and can help me troubleshoot. From my understanding the foil should stick to the sticky layer of shellac. Mine does not at all. I didnt remove the tacky layer at all. I feel like I am stick with all this foil and cant use it.
Have you tried removing the tacky layer and then applying the foil? Maybe it will work that way for you??

Bowie, MD
I'm not an expert with foil but I did try it with the sticky layer and no, it won't work. You need to wipe the nail, apply the glue, let it dry for the right amount of time, then do the foil. BTW, I don't do Shellac, this was on regular gel and on sog.
It really depends on the foil. I have a few that will adhere just with the tacky layer, and some that I need to wipe that off, apply glue, and then foil. I've gotten to where I'm not taking a chance and just go the glue route. Not sure why - since I bought all my foils together - but they don't all work the same.
I use foil all the time. I got mine from, that is the only kind I've had experience with.
You absolutely leave the sticky layer on the shellac, the glue is not necessary with shellac. You place the ugly side of the foil to the nail, so the shiny design is facing up! If you are trying to get full coverage of the nail, I've never had luck with that, only more of a spotty, abstract design. Big spots though.
If you are using Gelish, it does not always grab the foil as well. There are many colors that don't like to grab the foil.
Apply directly to the sticky color layer of shellac and top with top coat.
Im leaving the tacky layer and it doesnt work at all. Very frustrating since I have several rolls of foil. Ive read somewhere that not all foil glues work the same. Any suggestions other than Im not spending $25 on more foil