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Full Version: Mani/Pedi Massage
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My school taught different massages that can be done on the hands and feet, but it was taught from the book rather than show us how to do them naturally. I think it is awkward for some of us. How did you learn to do a massage? I am sure not everyone is a pro at it, but how do you manage to massage like a 'pro' especially when looking for a Nail Tech position on commission? Thank you.
I really believe for a lot of things you have to fake it til you make it. Angel I have a nails and esthetics license and both teachers always said if you don't know what your next step will be just keep doing effleurage until you move on. Whatever you do, just don't stop moving. And never take both hands off your client. I really just don't like the massage. I never seem to have enough time to do a proper one anyway. Dodgy In my experience, most people are happy to just get some time alone and enjoy a bit of foot or hand rubbing. Unless of course you're properly trained to do specialized massage, then by all means! I normally go for the usual tense spots. On the hands, it's that fleshy pad right below the thumb. But don't go at it hard from the start because the client will practically jump out of your chair! And if they have arthritis I use a gentle but firm pressure all around because that feels reeeaaaaaalllyyy good to them. On the feet, I make sure to hit the arch area, amongst the overall rest of the foot as well. But whatever you do, try to use your knuckles, fist, shoulders to push rather than your wrist, etc because you can get really fatigued if you don't. Oh, and don't worry about sticking exactly to the book instruction and making sure you look like a pro. Like everything, it will come with experience. Knowing the fundamental steps taught in the book will give you the basis for developing your own routine. Besides, being a new tech and applying for work right out of school is very enticing to an employer. That's not to say that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" but you're like a little lump of clay, ready to be molded Big Grin A salon might have their "own" way that they'll want you to learn anyway.
Look up youtube videos. When I was in school we had a routine from the book to learn but there was a dvd that went with it so we could see the steps done. I agree, it's hard to follow a written description.