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Full Version: Services for teenagers
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I've gotten some feedback from a few moms recently about adding services for teenagers to our menu. I don't mean the "little princess" 12 and under service, but the 14-18 set. The input has been that they will get their nails done more often, but can't justify the full, luxury spa experience.

I've been thinking about doing a "teen night" each week - probably Tuesdays since that is a slower day and also there are not a lot of HS activities (I'm in TX, we don't miss football Smile ) with really basic mani/pedi options (no massage, no callus care, etc. - just shaping, light cuticle work, polish and lotion application) that focus on trendy colors and options for spirit manis in school colors, etc.

Just wanted to see if anyone is really adressing this demo and if so, what are you doing?