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Full Version: Best online sites for purchasing all nail tech products?
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Im currently in school and a thriving nail tech, I absolutely love it and Im just trying to gather resources for purchasing my products. Everything is included, rhinestones, glitters, polymer and monomer, polishes, everything. I am very confident in myself, so I was hoping I could get some help so when I do start in a few months I can always be prepared for my clients. Imjust hoping to make some good investment, wholesale prices and such, but I want the products to be of good quality. Thanks and hope to get some feedback! (United States)
We've been manufacturing acrylic, gel, and pedicure products for 28+ years. We pride ourselves on service and consistent products. has gemstones and fun nail art things! I follow their instagram
ebay Smile
We take great care to make sure our products are quality tested, professional grade, and we only sell to licensed professional nail technicians!

We also have some videos and step by steps you can read to learn more about our products!