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Full Version: Long Island Networking Event
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Debbie, Maureen and I wanted to let you know that John Hauk representing the new Light Elegance Acrylic system will be at this years event demonstrating this product he help bring to our industry, accompanied by Pina More who will demo their UV Gel line. They are also putting together classes for the Sunday morning and afternoon (more info to follow) . We also have demonstrating educators from Backscratchers, Opi, INM, Akentz, Forever French, ENP Nail Designs, Artistic, Young Nails, Masterworks, CND, Designer Nail Products, EZ Flow, IBD, Kupa, Nail Tek, Seche, Tammy Taylor and Orly.

A limited number of tickets are still available if you know anyone who wants to attend.

As usual we have a swag bag filled with samples, amazing raffle prizes and of course Lunch included.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Here is the info for the Light Elegance Acrylic class by John Hauk.
Contact John directly at [email protected]
Offering a 4 hour hands on class on Sunday from 2-6pm working with acrylic for $75 and students will receive a acrylic trial kit from Light Elegance. Having students email me to sign up.

Need to bring acrylic brush only.

“Nails in Overdrive” & “Perfect Transformation”
Having speedy nail services on your menu has never been more important. Come see just how fast nails can be done without sacrificing quality. Learn the secrets behind John’s amazing speed that will cut your service time in half. When less than perfect nails enter your salon, do you know what to do with them? Learn how to transform less than perfect nails to stellar nails. John will share with you his techniques on making any nail perfect.
· Attract more clients with faster nail service.
· Save time by using advanced techniques and being prepared.
· Use your speed as a marketing tool to enhance your menu.
· How to use a nail transformation as specialty on your salon menu.
· A corrective service can bring the highest prices.
· Knowing the proper techniques can save time and attract more clients.
Will there be any other classes offered? I just bought a ticket so I missed any emails that may have gone out
Pina More (Light Elegance) is also offering a gel class - on the event page you can click the 2 chalkboard icons under Light Elegance to see the flyers