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Full Version: Is anyone using THE GELOUSY EFFECT! or their Gel
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Hello, looking for a thicker gel and checked online found a lot of info about gelousy and got email with price list and everything. Just need some other pro input before i take the leap and find "the one" product for me.

Wish I could help, hopefully someone on here can ;-) I use Young Nails gels and love them!!! Although I've heard many good things about Akzentz.
I haven't used their gel, but did try the business building system "gelousy effe t". Is that what you are referring to? If so, I will check back later and give you my feedback Smile
I've used Erick's gels in the past and right now I use Big Sexy Red as a go to blue based red, it's very similiar to OPI's RED. The gel is normal consistency, and the colors will actually cure shiny with no need for a top coat.

It's consistency is like Young Nails. I believe he's got a one step and a two step, ......I used the two step for several years before changing to a different product.

The Gelousy Effect I can't tell you anything about.
Thanks for the feedback.

Candi I was wanting feed back on both product and the business building system. Any info would be great!

Thanks again
I tried the business system and found it wasn't for me. He offers a lot of good info, but I found that it was just the bare bones. I had already done a lot of research thru this forum, Nails magazine online and a ton of other places, so I pretty much had everything that is in his program already in place.

I definitely think if I had found his system a year earlier, I probably would have used his program as a launching pad. It does cover most of the things you need to do to be successful, but be prepared that every point covered is a starting point and you will need to flesh it out. So if you're just starting out, I say go for it. He does have a money back guarantee and he was very pleasant and quick when I asked for my refund.
What is the business building system?

I love Gelousy. The Natural gel is my go to for sculpting and finish. Also offered is a gel called DuraFlex. Both offered in a bottle or tub. I prefer the natural in the bottle (sculpt with the tip), and the thicker, DuraFlex in the tub. I use the DuraFlex with my more active clients, those with more laborious jobs. Not to confuse things, but I've recently added Light Elegance for additional color options, and their top coat "Super Shiny" for on top of their glitter gels. They work very well together. Good luck.
The Gelousy Effect was a system he was selling for marketing/building your business. I don't think he is anymore, because he was on here a few weeks ago saying he couldn't get enough people to pay for it, so they dropped it. Basically it was an outline (in my opinion) of what we need to do to grow our nail business, but there wasn't much detail to the system. Just my opinion.
Wow, I was way off. My apologies.
We stopped publishing our marketing newsletter because of lack of interest. The Gelousy Effect is a different thing.

The Gelousy Effect was a coaching program for nail techs that want to fill their book in 90 days. It was very successful and helped many nail techs to go from just a few clients to a full book in a very short period of time.

I am no longer offering it, because of the time commitments I personally make to the people in the program. I have three other projects I am working on now. One of which is nearly finished and will be posted here in a few days.