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Full Version: Friend/client referring her old nail tech (friend)
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Ok I have a friend that I do her nails now.. Old tech is to far for her to drive maybe 15-20 minutes away. She posted Facebook I have another friend that does nails too email me for her number. How should I feel ? Thanks guys
I read this several times and I'm still not exactly sure what you're trying to say? Maybe my brain is too tired...
So your friend that you do now is offering her old tech's number to her friends on FB????? I'm sorry but to me 15-20 minutes drive is not far- it takes me 10-20 minutes to take my hubby to work 2 miles away and come back home. Maybe she posted for her friends that are in that area, who knows. Be glad you got a client.
Sorry Candice just asking if I'm to sensitive that my friend recommends people that live in the area where her old nail tech ? Thanks
In all seriousness, maybe she just wants to keep you all to herself! Sure, you have other clients but she's the only one out of her "group" that goes to you and wants to keep it that way
Generally I wouldn't worry about it and would just cultivate other more profitable referral sources. Life is way too short to expend mental energy on things like this! Just MHO.
Thanks Candice that was my thought... Sometimes being a neighbor/friend has some quirks in a good way or not.... Thanks for the reply.. ;~).
You're welcome - glad you're movin' on!