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Full Version: In training.... Struggling w/ Brisa
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Usually I chalk my less than stellar results up to inexperience but this time I do not think its all me.

I have serious lifting issues with Brisa hard gel. I am meticulous about prep. When I realized how important it was I began doing it on my own nails evertyime I did a regular poliah change just so I can get the practice.

I do not have this problem with any of the acylics that I use (CND Retention+ and ASP) or Brisa sculpting or smoothing gels. I get lifting within 24 hours of application.

Am I the only one or am I missing something? I purchaed Brisa because so many ppl sang its praises. Of course this was based on info that I read on another forum. After I spent more time on that particular forum I quickly realized it had a "CND all the way because everything else sucks" feel to it. LOL!
Glad to hear you are having success with Brisa Lite Smoothing and Sculpting gels. Just want to make sure you are PREPing (not PEPing) the Brisa nails? That extra step is required to remove the shine with Brisa, but not with Brisa Lite.

Where are you getting the lifting? Sidewalls, cuticle area, which hand and fingers in particular? Are you using all the CND prep products as well as the CND UV lamp? Removing Cuticle Away with soap and water?

Hopefully I can help you troubleshoot Smile