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Full Version: Duck Nails??
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I know this is the new thing for the young crowd, so can anybody tell me who sells the clear duck tips?? I don't want cheap flimsy ones, but a good quality tip. Thank you. Heart
Hi Darlene.. we sell those tips right here in the Shoppe..
try this link here
click the image below or just head into the Shoppe to the
Nail Technician Tools ยป Nail Tips

The tips are quite popular and I have not got any comments about them flimsy at all!

[Image: SL7066.jpg]

Wonderful I just placed an order. Thanks so much for responding. Smile
thank you! I'll get them out tomorrow for you!
Great, daughter is excited. Thank you. Smile
Just got the email thank you. Smile
Well its not really.. you ordered late in the afternoon on Sat, the order left here on Monday and according to the USPS tracking you will have it tomorrow!
Just received package, thanks again. Smile