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Full Version: need help!!
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i would really really need any info i can get on table manicure dust absorbers.i have bought one to put on a table im building but it is too big and i spoke with some people and told me that they are useless and they are not that much of a help and since i have to decide urgently of what i'm going to do i would really be greatful if you could share your experience with me.
Salon Pure Air - handles dust & odors, and can be used under or over your table. Works great - I tried the Sunflower & Partigon first, along with TOTW's for odors - the Salon Pure Air does both flawlessly.
i don't know if they are available in europe and especially in my i have any other option?
Erica's makes an attachment for a couple of e-files. I am not a fan of the vacuum (I use a Miele). I only do gels and I have no airborne dust! I can wear black to work and come home still looking black. Check it out.
tsita78, I have just the solution for you.. Valentino Beauty Pure's air & dust filtration system. They have 2 different units, one for the top of your table and a flush mount unit.

You can see them - and a few videos on how well they work here:

I just opened that store this afternoon! Let me know if you have any questions!
I will take a look and let you know my thoughts. So would you advice me not to install a unit in my manicure table? Its worthless?
Oh no.. the Valentino comes both as a table top unit or a "flush mount" in the table unit. It depends on your setup and if you are willing to cut a hole in your table. Ions ago I had a table with a built in dust collector and it was great.. but if the table top unit will work for you then that's great too.. personal preference...
Is there any other option you could suggest? Something i could find in europe?
I think it's hard for Americans to know what's available to you - especially since your electric cords are different there, so the crossover is not as simple I think. Good luck!