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Full Version: Recs for fav inexpensive nail files and buffers
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Would love recommendations for well-priced disposable nail files and buffing blocks.

Also - a side question: Do you give your client the file and buffer after the service to take home?

I order the econo files from premier nail source. Usually I throw them away. They are good enough to use for the mani or pedi than ready for the garbage.
i order my files online from natali products in canada. (i live in canada) i can get a 50 pack of zebra 100/180 for 15$.
and no, i never send my client home with a file. if they file their nails, and break the "seal" of the gel top coat, then they run a higher risk of lifting, so i never give them the file, but i always throw out my files after each client.
I only worked in 1 salon that gave the client their foot file. Nail files & buffers are sprayed with 90% alcohol unless used on a client that had questionable nails or possibly bled (knock on wood hasn't happened !!!). I've been in 3 salons and files are always reused-- I see others who don't even bother with spraying alcohol- Ewww! I make it a point that client see's I do it & other ppl in salon. Unfortunately this is how it is where I'm at!
In California, files and buffers cannot be reused. Even if that weren't the law, I'd use a new file for every service for performance reasons.
Just FYI - We've been open about 5 months now and we offer the file and buffer to clients - at least 50% of them take them.