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I am curious to what everyone here makes and if they work at a salon/spa , rent a booth or own their own salon. I will be starting shool in September and curious on what other nail techs make
There are a few recent threads regarding this same issue in just the past few weeks, if you do a search or just go back reading through the past 3-4 weeks you'll find them. You will also find that everyone is pretty close lipped about this topic - which is somewhat understandable. Also, what you will earn will vary depending on your overhead and prices, how booked you are, the pace you want to set for your work day, as well as how fast you are at doing the services.
You can read what was self-reported in the Nails magazine annual survey:

Otherwise, Candice is right; the numbers will vary widely depending on multiple factors. Check out this thread:

There are so many variables that it would impossible for any of us to even hazard a guess what you'll make in your area.

Just be well versed on the laws of what employment (booth rent vs. employee) and compensation (commission vs. paycheck) are in your area. Also take advantage of the SCORE office in your area. They are all about the laws and regulations around small business and employment.