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Full Version: When will they learn?
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Actual phone conversation with a new client today:
Her : hi I'd like to make an appt for a fill.
Me: ok ( get date/time info). Can I ask what you have on your nails now?
Her: I have gels.
Me: French or polished?
Her: French. I need them soaked off.
Me: so you need a new set? I can't soak off gels.
Her: yes you can, I do it all the time.
Me: just to let you know if they're real gels, they really can't be soaked off.
Her: I'm confused. I've gotten them soaked off the last 3 times.
Me: oh, do you have Gel Polish on?
Her: no. Gels.
Me: you probably have acrylic on then if they are able to be soaked off.
Her: no, they're gels.
:::: I start beating my head against my nail table ::::
Me: where did you get them done?
(she names a nail salon about 20 minutes away known for it's less than quality nails. I KNOW they're not gels).
Her: it was really dirty in there too.
Me: I can guarantee they're not gels.
Her: he said it's a new gel, better than old gel cuz old gel was very damaging to nails.
Me: ok well the best thing I can do is have you come in tomorrow so I can see them and get a better idea and take it from there.

I'm soooo tired of people being told they have something on their nails that it isn't and then trying to educate them. I'm wondering if he's telling her they're real gels when its just gel polish and charging her for a full set. I'm hoping it's just gel polish cuz I hate trying to soak off crappy acrylics!!!
Oh yea, in my town people are told gel is bad for them. Or that they do gel, then they pull out Shellac..... :roll:


At this point I don't even care if I come off as offensive to anyone. It's because those tech are friggen lazy and don't care to either get more nail education, be it free online or paid class's, or lesrn a product correctly. They pull crud outta their bums to sell clients on cheap junk with empty promises of healthier nail products. I don't buy it that this is what those techs are taugh and all they know. Um hello we live in an age of instant information. They know exactly what they are doing. Their goal is to confuse the client to make a buck. And to sell them on fake services because it's quicker and cheaper.
Yes, I've had the same conversation with people coming from nss salons, I've seen clients who have paid a lot more for a set of gels when all they got was that acrylic they use & then they add a gel topcoat! I've also been told that they are more damaging & just the other day I was told by a new client that they told her there was no such thing as gels, just gel polish! Ugh...
I get soooo mad at this type of thing that I just want to stand out the front of all my local NSS and hand out leaflets to everybody that is walking IN and beg them to read it before they go IN and have the truth written on them.

But I'm sure I would get arrested or something like that, so I just dream about doing it.

Is all we can do is try and educate our current clients and encourage them to tell everyone they know what's truth and what's myth and make sure your fave clients have your business cards to hand out to their friends etc and when they book with you to try you out is when you really let them know the full truth story.

Only yesterday, on my local radio station here in Brisbane Australia, there was a Melbourne Cup thing where they gave away a make over and they got Bio Sculpture in to do her nails and they did the speel of how their gel is the only safe gel, how theirs is the only one that does not ruin natural nails and that acrylic is really bad for nails and that is why they encourage the use of their gels etc and it made my blood boil!!!
You know what Colleen, I've had that same conversation many times. You're right, it makes you want to tear your hair out. Now if they say anything about gel and soaking in the same sentence, I just ask them where they went, and book them for the appointment. I don't bother getting into all that until they get in my chair (if I feel like booking them, that is - it all depends on how we get on in that initial conversation. I don't want to deal with somebody' else's mess any more than the rest of you do).

Then I do before and after pics once they get here and they can see the difference for themselves. Plus they leave with a lot more knowledge.
You know Laura that is a good point, their not gonna get it anyway until they see & experience a difference, it's to the point here that even new clients who never had gel & went to a reputable salon call acrylics gels & all gel polish shellac, & it does get confusing then we have the wonderful nss salons adding (& lying) just to make it more confusing. I believe I'm going to start doing what you do, ask where they went & if they book an app then I will show & explain to them the difference, no more 'he said she said'!


I too have learned that trying to have those type of discussions over the phone is fruitless. As others have stated it is better to just get them booked and show them the difference in person. If they still don't believe or understand then best they go to the Nail Factories, but at least you tried.
I usually dont get into it until they get into my chair either, but I had a limited amount of time to do her appt and needed to know what she had on. When she said she needed them soaked off instead of a fill, that requires more time and then I had to go into the whole thing where they cant be soaked off if they're gels....etc.

I have booked people in the past that say they need just a fill and then get there and their nails are a mess from another salon. Most of them need to be redone from scratch and we all know NSS acrylics are a pain in the butt to soak off and require more time.

Sooo I need to find out what I'm getting into before they get there.

And just an update...she ended up cancelling today. :roll:


I know what you mean Colleen. Trying to figure out what these shops are using is time consuming. Usually the client has no idea. I had a new client come in just for a polish change. It took me over 15 mins to get her polish off. Whatever topcoat they used was gummy and the polish would not come off her nails. No way of knowing what they used. Most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Glad I had allowed extra time for her. I hate having to have someone come back but sometimes that is what we have to do.

Sorry to hear about the cancel but that is her loss. She might have been a PITA anyway.
Well I may still have to do her. She apparently fell down some steps and that was why she cancelled. I'll wait to see if she calls me back. I had a weird week this week and had more openings than ive had in a long time. She might not be as lucky to get in next time she calls.


Ouch I bet that hurt, even if it was a sprain. Has it been a full moon this week, Colleen????? lol . :wink: It will be better next week!!