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Full Version: cleaning brushes
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How long do brushes (gel) need to 'soak' to be thoroughly cleaned? I am using Nailite's brush cleaner ...I usually just swirl them for a a few seconds until the bristles move freely but they seem gummy after drying - I hesitate to let them soak as I don't want to 'forget' them - with what and how do you do clean?
for gel brushes I just wipe them back and forth on a corner of paper towel soaked with alcohol. They will be sticky but it's ok. Make sure you store them out of the light, and keep the plastic covers so dust doesn't get stuck to them.
I don't clean mine anymore than wiping the gel out with the back of a Graham Professional Hands down Towel. The backing is plastic. After that, I pop it into my brush container.
I do as Melissa82 does. I pinch the brush inbetween layers of paper toweling then place it in the brush holder. I've NEVER cleaned with alcohol unless it was to get color gel out of the brush. I used to use a different brush for clear and for colored gel polished til the sogs came out. Much less hassle to deal with now.