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Full Version: referral cards
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hello to all! i would like to get some info on the reward programs with referral cards and client bonus cards.iam opening a salon in 10 days and i'm thinking to use this type of promotion.does any of you use it and if so could you give me some advice of how i could organise it?i mean do you give a referral card to every client?how does it work?i would really need your help on that!
no one does that?come on i really need your help ! Smile
My business cards have a spot on the back that a client can fill in their name and when they hand it out, if that person comes In for an appointment, they get $5 off and so does the referrer
If you want to do referral rewards, I suggest giving a small retail item with a higher perceived value (like a bottle of polish) rather than discounting your services. I don't do either.
Maybe i described it wrong. I ment loyalty cards ( found later who they are named Smile ) what do you do for that?
My loyalty program is all electronic, so I don't have to keep up with numbers and can be very specific about how points are calculated. Clients get points based on services and retails sales, and once they reach a certain number of points, they get a gift. Like Jamie, I think discounting services devalues them, so the gift is a bottle of polish, cuticle oil, lotion, etc, or a service add-on like nail art on two nails.
I was thinking to have a 50% discount on their 5th visit and a free service o their 10th. Noone does that in my own and since im new i want new customers to walk in and return back. People nowdays care even for 2 dollars and dont value the service so much.. Anyone does that with cards and not electronically?
You can do whatever you want . . . that being said, the quality of your work should ensure their loyalty, not freebies.