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Full Version: nail pic - please critique my form
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So these are the 2 nails I sculpted on myself today - I extended each about 1/8 of an inch past my free edge ...these are only the 4th & 5th nails I have ever sculpted be kind but be honest. Please critique so I can learn. I know it's hard to see a lot of the points in the pics ...but based on what you can see. It's hard to take these pics by myself ...TY!

the thumb came out a bit thicker than I would like but really not bad ...better than alot of what I see around here. The index came out remarkable thin tipped ...very natural like - too thin? You can't really tell in the pic. But I'm afraid it might just chip/bend right off. I used hard gel - Akzentz Natural (index) and Akzentz Builder (thumb)
All n all I'm feeling pretty positive, like I CAN do this!

[Image: todaysnails.jpg]
They look pretty good. From what I can see, I think the apex needs to be a little closer to the cuticle area. How you have it now, this is where you want it to end up after 3 weeks.

Keep posting!
I was thinking it was too far forward but wasn't sure - TY!