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Full Version: Free scheduler?
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How does everyone schedule their books?
I always have used google calendar, but after updating to Jellybean OS on my phone, it deleted everything, including my synced iPad, computer, and the calendar. This has scared me to none other, and has causes huge chaos and stress trying to reschedule everything!
I would love a reliable scheduling calendar, or ideas.
I always send my clients a text the day prior to their appointment for a confirmation, and have heard great things about apps that do this automatically.
I'd really love ot to have to pay a monthly fee, is rather just do paper scheduling if that is the case.
Thank you so much for the feedback!
Unfortunately you do get what you pay for, and a good service that provides things like text messaging isn't generally free. Vagaro is $25/mo and provides excellent features.
I use Vagaro too, it has it's limitations, but works well for my salon & staff.
If you're a looking for something for yourself alone, a freebie scheduling program called Style Seat works pretty well and offers an email & text message reminder to clients. Last that I looked at it, it was still a free program.
Simple and reminds your clients with a text...been using it for over a year now