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Full Version: Venting; I need some reassurance
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I'm wondering if any of you come in on your off time for a client. I'm not talking about that once in a while kind of flexibility for that super awesome client that you love. I'm talking about "oh, you're off Tuesday? but would you be able to come in? I have [insert whatever extremely "important" event]" or "you don't start until 12? would you be able to come in early?" and they do that stupid face. You guys know what I'm talking about. And then between the client and the owner looking at me I feel put on the spot! (I can already hear Jaime LOL!) I feel that I can't talk about money being tight (no I'm not constantly blabbing about this and never with the client) and then turn away a client even if it is on my off time. And then they don't even throw you a few extra bucks! Believe me, I'm grateful I have a job, my clients are cool people but I'm the only tech in a hair/nail salon and I'm starting to wonder if I'm at risk of burning out. I understand that we're a young business, we'll only be making 1 year in July, and we don't want to turn away business but I feel like the owner is morphing into this used car salesman mentality (lol). Not to mention how many times I've had the incorrect service booked, resulting in less time and me rushing. Omg I'm so sick of rushing for these upper middle class pretentious #(%*&#%. But then you don't want to rush TOO much because then they'll complain LOL! It really makes me want to not even bother offering any "fluffy" services or add-ons because these women just wanna get outta there. Like, on your mark get set go as I topcoat the second hand. I understand that time is money but seriously, if you wanted a bang bang pedicure then please feel free to visit a NSS. Oh, and I almost forgot about the many times I have to do nails in a hair chair, because, you know, they're SOOOOO busy and they just HAVE to get out of there. There are so many times I just want to be like "B****! Wtf do I look like?!" Lmfao. I always like to say that we're in the service business, not servitude. Anyway, I actually had the idea to simply charge more for when I have to come in off schedule. Is that bad? I mean, c'mon. I know I have no life and all (seriously, I don't lol) but to drive 6ish miles for, say, one manicure? Does anyone do this?
I have ...don't really like to, and I don't do it often - I try to incorporate other errands so my trip into town wasn't just for a few bucks ...I hear ya though - people are very into themselves. I love how they try to make us feel guilty for actually thinking we might have day off Dodgy

You certainly have a right to feel this way & it's good to vent! Yes you can burn out ...take it from me - 30 years & counting

p.s. - I had to chuckle reading your post ...well said!
Days off are just that...I have usually always stod firm on this. The only time I work days off is when there is something in it for me, like when my neighbor who owns the shop Im in wants something in a Sat or Mon....well, she does my hair no questions asked,whatever I want, whenever I want...(although I try ti confine it to her work days, and unlike me, she does not do services in her home)...I might add also that our two youngest children spend many hours at each others house, which works out to free babysitting a lot. So anyways, even friends of mine have paid for their services on days that I work, and when circumstances call for it ,I will work on an off day. I will not readily work an off day for just anyone, anytime, just cuz of the funny look...respect is earned...unless u can be fired ,or need business that bad, don't feel obligated to anyone but yourself, and your own good cinscience....Smile
I feel for you.. you need to grow a little backbone.. (yea I'm one to talk... but...) you have to say no I cant do it at that time - AND NOT GIVE ANY REASON, just "No, I wish I could, but I just can not accommodate you at that time/day". If you feel so inclined to accommodate them, say something like: I would love to accommodate your needs here, I'd just like you to be aware there will be an extra "off duty" surcharge.. short, firm.. I always had people asking me to come in before 8a, or late.. the early ones, I would just tell them very sweetly, I will, but you know I don't do mornings.. you really want me coming at you with sharp implements at that hour?? I think all but one time they opted for a time that was better for me Smile

Its all about how you respond.. I just recently replied to a post about a customer that was driving the tech crazy with a suggestion on getting rid of her Smile Try reading through that thread, it might help you
I have but it's only for the really good clients that I've had for years and it's got to be a really good reason such as a funeral, breaking a nail just before the big wedding, or a medical emergency, etc. Also, I do it for those who've tipped in the past, not a lot, but they TIPPED. Those that didn't, nope, not going the extra mile for them.
The business owner needs to understand that if you let the clients start setting the hours instead of the owner, then the clients will come to expect it. Start as you intend to continue.......
Totally agree with Debbie and Donna ! Smile
I would also add that if you start doing this - and it is common knowledge ...people will start taking advantage of you - I work alone so if/when I do it (like I said - not often) - no knows but me & she ...I agree, a good tip is expected (but can't be forced...add the surcharge
I would definitely go with the surcharge if you decide to do it. When I started in this area doing booth rental I had 3 days that I "worked" and was always there regardless of what I had booked - plus I had one or two days where I put myself "on call" and would come in with 20 minutes notice - but that was because I was building. Once I had enough on my books I stopped doing on call days.

Working from home I still stick to my 3-4 days a week schedule, and for health reasons I limit my services per day to a certain number. So far (two months lol) I've stuck to my guns on my schedule. I definitely will not schedule over my limit for a day for health reasons, but if I were to take a client on an off day I would add a 30% surcharge because I would then have to work MY time around them. If it's that much of an emergency then they should see the added value of the service cost.
If your just nearly 1 year into the business, and your still building, then you kinda have to work when there is work to be had, or be ok with clients finding someplace else. They are the customer and you can provide service or refuse, but you can't expect them to wait for a time that is more convenient to you.

When your have built up a reputation of being an amazing nail tech, and your books are as full as you like, you will have the luxury of making your own hours. Until then, you should "make hay while the sun is shinning"
Now being that we've come full circle, I'm gonna sit down with my friend, the owner, and go over my schedule, prices and policies. I say go over it with her because I essentially work along side her. I'd rather readjust and come on a day that I previously didn't work rather than constantly be called in. Thanks peeps!
I could have wrote that!!!!!! Been doing nails for 6 years just now starting to take time off and not feel bad about it.i go in for my very best clients only and it has a be for a good reason
Who's responsible for your schedule? How are you compensated? Are you a booth renter or employee? You may need to re-establish your boundaries . . .
I agree, the ideal is to keep it all in perspective and it needs to be a perspective that works for all... that is, you and your clients... it is not all about you or all about them... otherwise, it does not work
do you need the money? then inconvenience is worth it. You don't need the money? then you can choose clients that make your schedule and life easier.
Employer is twisting your arm and you are making enough money? make it clear (politely), "I really can't, sorry" but be prepared for them to find someone who will for those times and clients
Finding that balance, going out of your way for the clients who are out of the norm good clients and keeping the advantage taking clients on a leash (an unseen leash) takes a little practice but in the long run, it results in rewards from clients who appreciate and keeps the ones who would abuse kindness under control. We've all had the clients who call at the last minute, don't show up on time and want it all for less.... who take up appointment time that might go to clients who are as good as gold.... and complain the entire time "I'd think if you really want to keep me as a client you would work on Sunday... " uh huh...

I'll work really long hours but recognize I need the down time (laundry, shopping, food prep, book keeping, down time ;-) ) too. I'd probably work more week ends if needed but salon charges a lot extra for off days... I tell clients about the extra fee and will not do a client again if they deduct it from the tip, sigh.

Sloppy appointment making, that is a different issue. Been there... why I book my own. Sometimes it is a cover story for other imperatives.... "a fill? I thought she said repair" sure, squeeze a fill into a 15 min time slot.... been there too ;-)