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Full Version: question for nail salon owners...did you have to install an
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did you have to install an exhaust system on the roof of your salon? what is this for? and how much did it cost to install?
The local building codes and salon licensing codes will dictate what your requirements are for an exhaust system. I think MA has pretty specific requirements from what I remember in all of my research.

Here in TX the term "adaquate ventilation" is used and then specified as 20 cfm "per unit" if the ventilation is used on-going or 50 cfm if it is intermittent. That is the only specification, though. it does not say what kind of system, where it needs to be placed, etc. I spoke with the electrical building permitter and he was very frustrated with the ambiguity, actually. When I was getting build-out bids, one contractor told me he had literally put bathrooms fans in the ceiling and that was adaquate..sigh... I'm putting in a roof mounted system, cost yet unknown, and it will meet the building code. Since I am natural-nails only, source ventilation to capture particles/dust is not a concern for me, but I do want adaquate ventilation for fumes, which the system will give me.

I've been in two new salons (built in the last 6 months) in my town that have no perceptible ventilation. One of the owners specifically told me they were not told to put anything in by the city and didn't. A lot of what what you can get away with in permitting and inspections is based on the specific inspector you get assigned, unfortunately.

i'll ping you when i know my system cost and what we are using.

In my area our cos inspector was promoted from grave inspecting Rolleyes.
As mentioned, it depends where you are. I've been in four locations right here in Washington, and it was only mentioned in one of the locations - and that was at the city level because of the city inspector's prejudice against salons. Fortunately for me the Salon Pure Air met the requirements for ventilation, which I already owned.