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Full Version: A long long overdue story of my nail tech years
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So, I've been a nail tech for about 12 years now. 5 years ago, I started at a day spa in my local mall, that was busy, and desperate for a full time nail technician. I loved it, built my book, everything was wonderful. No drama, the owners were the sweetest couple I could have ever asked to work for, the clientele was awesome. But the owners decided to sell the business, because they are older and wanted to retire. Meanwhile, a manager with whom I am close with confided in me that she was buying her own shop in the area, and wanted to know if I would come along. I said of course, I know her, I know her style, and I KNEW this place would be another great chapter in my career.

Months down the road (the new shop is still in the middle of renovation) the current shop sells. The new owners come in. They are from New York, they seem nice enough at first, but have NO experience in owning a business, and their 'god son' who came with them is now being taught to shampoo heads. He's very high on the creeper meter. Following us around and making comments that are EXTREMELY inappropriate, not to mention using racial slurs in the back room. The whole family is originally from India, and they basically made the place look like a shrine to them, including waterfalls and candles etc.

Now, we live in a small rural town in Maryland, close to the Pennsylvania border. This was not taken well by the clientele. They wanted to know when the hookah lounge was opening up. Anyway, I was nice, did my time, worked hard, went through meeting after meeting where they expressed that if we were leaving the shop for someplace else, to give 2 weeks notice, and that if they were even going to move something 1 inch out of place, they wanted us to know. Needless to say you never knew what to walk in to after a weekend off... Beaded curtains, large outdated photos of splashed nail polish, silk scarves.

The Friday before Easter, with still no exact date for the new shop to open in sight, I was called into the office. I was still with clients, but I politely excused myself and went into their office. I was told that someone gave them a list of names of girls that my manager her recruited for her own shop, and they fired her, and if I wanted to keep my job here, I would have to sign a contract. I refused, and was told to finish out my day and leave.

I figured, okay, fine, I'll file for unemployment until the new place opens, no big deal. I was upset though, and my clients could tell. This place had been my home for almost 5 years. The others that were following the manager to her new shop were also fired.

On to unemployment... the owners of the spa in the mall said we mass quit and ruined their business, when we were told to leave. We've gone through many appeals, I'm still waiting for my decision on payment. Some girls have been denied, some have been approved.

The first week of June though, the new shop opened. And it's perfect, beautiful, everything I had hoped it would be. Exposed brick, custom plaster work, wood floors, the perfect blend of Urban vs Historic. It's busy, I'm a booth renter for the first time in my life, and I'm in love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm making my investment back in products quickly, and my clients are floored at how nice this place looks. When state board came in they said this was the nicest salon they had been in in this area.

NOW onto the bomb that went off. My live in boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, after one week of work in the new place, decides to blind side me by telling me he wants to break up. I was devastated. He was and still is the love of my life. After commiserating with my girls at work, and my parents who live about an hour and a half away, we decide I should buy a house. My parents putting down the money and me paying the mortgage to them.

STRESS, can we say STRESS? On the bright side, after 2 days my boyfriend was so miserable (and still living with me in our rental for support of myself, who is crying hysterically at the drop of a hat) that he decided we should live separately, but date, make things new again, and go from there. He's not splitting our things or cats up, he's letting me take most everything. He's the love of my life, and it's showing, I'm the love of his.

Now I just have to buy a house. Pass me the valium and wine please?
I think you're going to be fine. I've been where you're at with the b.f., it hurts really bad but it won't kill you even tho you think it might. You sound like you've got a good head on your shoulders, so no matter what comes down the road, you're a survivor.
Sounds to me, like life is good after all. I think you have a lot to look forward too! The relationship will work itself out and there is nothing more exciting than a new home - especially if you don't have to deal with the bank! I say SMILE! ...and have the wine anyway!
I went house hunting yesterday for the second time, and I think I found THE ONE. My only issue now is that my mom is adamant I get a dog. I LOVE dogs, don't get me wrong, but I also work 9 hour days most of the week, with a 45 minute commute each way. I keep trying to tell her that it wouldn't be fair to leave a dog home for all that time. I told her to get me an NRA sticker for my front window, and things should be fine. LOL

As far as the house? BEAUTIFUL. It's a flip, built in 1900. Colonial style, with beautiful built ins and covered porches. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. My dad is coming out Saturday to see it, and hopefully we can put the wheels in motion from there.
I should also mention is has a claw foot tub.... I'm thinking perfect for relaxing my back after a busy day doing pedicures.
Not to be a stick in the mud... but if you stick with the bf and he pays you "rent" or anything, make sure you have a written agreement that the payments are for rent only. Hope for the best and plan for the worst! Good luck in all your ventures and adventures!
Thanks so much for all your support. Makes me feel good to have such a great group of people, you guys on here (who barely know me even!) and the girls I work with being so supportive. My dad comes out to see the house this Sunday and hopefully sign some paperwork if he likes it. As for work, OMG I'm so happy. Not only that but I'm also nearly booked. A lot of my clients followed me to the new shop, and with all the changes at the old shop, a lot of new clients to me are making the switch as well. They raised their nail prices by 5 dollars per service. 47.00 for shellac! Can you imagine?! I charge 35, and I'm on the higher end price wise. 55 dollars for a basic pedicure, 65 for a spa pedicure at the old shop. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to pay that much when the girls that do nails there are notorious for rushing and double booking. It's basically turned into a NSS with super high pricing. When one of my clients asked mt new owner of the old shop why they raised the prices so much, they said "We spent so much money making this shop beautiful, we have to recoup our cost, so you're paying for the experience" My client added "I'd like my experience elsewhere then" and called me as she walked out of the shop. Love my clients and my job!