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Full Version: What do you wear on your nails as a tech??
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(06-22-2013, 06:18 PM)Melissa82 Wrote: [ -> ]I use a medium grit sanding band and pop it on the end of a brush that is thick enough to hold it. Then, I twist it under the free edge so the gel and nail are sanded together a little bit. No free edge lifting! Learned the trick from Amy Becker.
I am not sure that I understand that. Can you explain how you twist it under the free edge? I assume they really need some length to do this?

I have the worst looking nails most of the time. I cannot keep any gels to adhere without lifting after a couple of days. I have discovered I do best using NailTek strengthener and use the ridge filler before the strengthener and really has done wonders. I use this on my clients who wear natural nails also. I usually have to reapply sometimes on a daily basis just to touch up the ends from polish remover and etc.
I've got Elite Power Gel on. Right now they're 1/2" past the ends of my fingers and almond shaped. They're black with Watery Abyss glitter faded on from the cuticle 2/3 way to the tip. I'll wear these thru til nearly Thanksgiving then decorate for Christmas. I only take my nails off when it's time to put in the garden.......
(07-08-2013, 11:41 AM)FileFileSnipSnip Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently, I am that one very odd nail artist that wears no enhancements or polish at all. I keep my nails very very short and wear no polish at all.
Mostly because I am so dang picky about the nails I see coming out of so many shops in the area that there is no one whose work I would want to wear other than my own *lol*

But seriously, I am so bloody busy between hair and nails that I rarely have time to get a pedi let alone book time to get a nail fill.

You are not alone Smile I do not wear any enhancements or gel polish on my own nails. I keep my nails right at the end of my fingers. They are as neat as they can be (i.e. cuticles done, shaped evenly and always clean under the free edge) I have tried multiple times to wear a gel polish or enhancement and with my OCD, as soon as one chips from the exposure to acetone, it all must come off. I do use gel polish when I am on vacation. No need for acetone at the beach, lol. For the record, my toes stay in tip top shape Smile

I always keep my nails done. I wear colored acrylics 99% of the time. It looks very bad if a nail tech keeps unkept nails. When my nails look top notch, thats when they get a lot of attention and new business.
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