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Full Version: Nail Care Knowledge Video on Yahoo!
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Okay folks. Please watch this video and tell me your head doesn't explode, like mine did.

Ok, maybe I'm just exaggerating but still. The "knowledge" this SPA DIRECTOR gives makes me just smh.
1. It's kind of old news.
2. It's half-assed at best. Rolleyes
Maybe I missed the memo, but apparently uv lights "quickly dry polish" and your hands aren't in there long enough for the light to "get in." Oh, and that removing gel polish removes a layer of your nail. What?! Huh Ok, while maybe we understand what she means you can't talk like that to uneducated people. You have to choose your words carefully to properly explain something so they don't take it literally! Did you see the (bimbo) redhead's face when she was told that? She made me laugh a few times Angel
Missing the video link. Tongue
bumping... I want to see
"it peels off the top layer of your nail bed."

First of all, ouch.
Second, she means nail plate.
Third, she is completely insane.

At least she didn't bash uv lamps.
Sorry guys, I made "video" a link. Guess I should've made it stand out somehow Tongue And yea Melissa, she doesn't bash them exactly, but doesn't clarify either! Lool
the interveiwer is def a drama queen ...guess she gets paid to be Confused