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Full Version: Deborah Lippman Gel Lab
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Is anyone familiar with this line?

I just happened to run across her on HSN talking about it as an alternative to gel polish. First - it is annoying, because they are talking about "gels" and "gel polish" interchangeably...ggrrrr.... But it seems to be a bottom coat and top coat and you use regular polish for the color.

I know her polishes, but I don't know about Gel Lab - would love any reviews/info!
There's a review on this site:
but be prepared to be annoyed. Still some useful information about wear and application from someone who's used it.
DL says her topcoat is 3-free - I wonder what make it smell so strong?

I'm a big 3-free advocate (btw Seche Vite is NOT 3-free!) but it does help with staying power. I won't compromise on health, though, so it's 3-free only for me.