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Full Version: Gel: hard or soft?
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Alrighty, I'm tardy for the party. I know this subject has posted before. What is the difference between HARD GEL AND SOFT GEL? Please tell me what each or used for and what companies ( is not to vast) provides either or both. And suggestions of favorites. Thanks in advance.
Soft gel is any soak of gel polish.
Hard gel is a much thicker viscosity gel that can be sculpted, or formed over an artificial tip. It cannot be dissolved by acetone like acrylics. They are much lighter weight and natural feeling than acrylic.
Soft gel - aka gel polish, is for those who want a more natural look, typically no length added. They don't tend to "lift" like true enhancements, but can be more prone to chipping. Last 2-4 weeks depending on the product line and the individual client. I love Young Nails Mani-Q and Cuccio's color Veneer.

Hard gel - think of it is being "like" acrylic. Chemically they are basically the same thing. Used for people who want even stronger nails, with or without added length. You can use tips or sculpt longer nails with hard gel and pretty much all manufacturer's have a gel line. (I think that's probably true of gel polish too.) I personally use and prefer Young Nails.